Chile has a GDP of $277 BILLION USD. It has a population of 18 million. The capital is Santiago. The official language is Spanish. It is the sixth largest economy in Latin America.


It is possible to file application for patents, utility models, industrial designs, industrial drawings and layout-designs (topographies) of integrated circuits.

What kind of inventions
are not patentable?

In general, anything that does not solve a technical problem for industry, such as a scientific discovery, a theory, a business plan and all those cases expressly stipulated by law (Law No. 19.039) cannot be patented.

What does it cost to
patent an invention?

The costs for filing and prosecuting patent applications are lower than in Brasil and similar in price to Argentina. A translation needs to be provided into Spanish. We are also able to provide you with this translation service.

Term of protection for patents
20 years from filing date.

Term of protection for utility models
10 years from filing date.