Argentina is not a member of the PCT. If you wish to claim a priority, your filing must be done as a separate Argentinian application 12 months after the first filing.

Argentina provides a new and highly attractive patent granting High-Way: With the patent office resolution No.56/2016 which entered into force on October 1, 2016, Argentinian patent applications having a corresponding patent application abroad (e.g. EP or US) that has been granted, may use this foreign patent to get the corresponding application granted in Argentina.

To be eligible for patent protection, an invention must meet several requirements. These include that the invention claimed:

  • does not consist of an invention whose patentability is excluded by national legislation (see below);
  • is new
  • involves an inventive step
  • capable of industrial application
  • is disclosed in a clear and complete manner in the patent application

If needed, we can also provide you with a search service for identifying prior art. This will be done in-house with our experienced patent professionals.

Term of protection for patents
20 years from filing date.

Term of protection for utility models
10 years from filing date.