Dr. Julian Guerrero

  • B.Eng.  (Electronics and Communications) ITESM, Cuernavaca
  • M.A.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) – University of BC, Vancouver
  • Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) – University of BC, Vancouver

Julian Guerrero heads the Mexico group of CH KILGER Anwaltspartnerschaft mbB in Latin America as the managing partner of Werner, Juk, Baudelio & Cia., S.C. In addition, he is also currently adjunct professor at the ITESM (Cuernavaca), responsible for various computer science and project management courses. Born in Mexico to a Canadian mother, he has lived for extended periods in both countries, with which he maitains close ties.

He started his academic career in research in medical robotics and image analysis, then transitioned to intellectual property in 2009. In his capacity as professor, his projects have been selected for technical innovation in education and has been continuously recognized by students and peers as an outstanding teacher.

Dr. Julian Guerrero
t +49 30 886 20 07 – 0