The European Patent Office has destroyed several patents belonging to Illumina, a US manufacturer of DNA sequencing machine and a market leader in the field.

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Engineering in Medicine an Biology (EMBC) Conference Invites Dr. Christian Kilger

Dr. Colin Brenan, CEO 1CellBio and a famous serial entrepreneur from Boston, USA invited Patent Attorney Dr. Christian Kilger to talk at the EMBC conference in Berlin at the City Cube. Read more


Partial victory for AbbVie in biosimilar dispute

Rheumatism drug Humira is one of pharmaceutical company AbbVie’s most valuable biosimilars. In ongoing disputes over the patent family, the European Patent Office Opposition Division finally rejected all oppositions in the oral hearing concerning the divisional application EP 2940 044. A significant aspect of the decision is the argument regarding priority.

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For the second time after 2013 the law firm has received this prestigious award now in 2019. We thank our clients for their continuous trust. We will thrive to be even better in 2020.unique design.


What clients said:

“He has kept his curiosity and is a sure bet if you need creative solutions to complex problems. He does not live in an ivory tower and as such delivers not only creative but also realistic solutions.”

“Because of his work and exceptional performance, I rate him extremely high for his competence, reliability and loyalty to our company, and for carrying out work at very high quality and, if necessary, at very short notice.”

“He has been an indispensable expert in securing IP rights and patent claims and supporting us on numerous levels in evaluating IP-related contracts and projects. He has exceptional communication skills that are essential in negotiations with other companies.”

“Dr Kilger, in comparison to other firms and attorneys, has outstanding expertise and commercial awareness, especially in the field of healthcare and life sciences.”


Why patent attorneys love 911s
(District Court 17 O 1324/17)

Some of us patent attorneys are also car aficionados. It is claimed that one or the other patent attorney has a 911 Porsche in the garage. The enthusiasm for the 911 may be due to the absolutely unique design. This design has now become the subject matter of a copyright dispute (17 O 1324/17) before the district court of Stuttgart. Read more


T2563/11 –
EPO Decision by the Technical Board of Appeal 3.3.1

As you will know the issue of double patenting is not codified expressis verbis in the EPC. Some case law has dealt with this though (G 1/05 and G 1/06). Read more


Lionel Andrés Messi Wins
Lionel Andrés Messi wins at the General Court of the European Union (EGC) and succeeds in getting his trademark M.E.S.S.I registered. Filed in 2011 a third party owning an older trademark „MASSI““ had objected against the registration. The „soccer player’s fame counteracts the visual and phonetic similarities“. Read more