Why patent attorneys love 911s
(District Court 17 O 1324/17)

Some of us patent attorneys are also car aficionados. It is claimed that one or the other patent attorney has a 911 Porsche in the garage. The enthusiasm for the 911 may be due to the absolutely unique design. This design has now become the subject matter of a copyright dispute (17 O 1324/17) before the district court of Stuttgart. Read more


T2563/11 –
EPO Decision by the Technical Board of Appeal 3.3.1

As you will know the issue of double patenting is not codified expressis verbis in the EPC. Some case law has dealt with this though (G 1/05 and G 1/06). Read more


Lionel Andrés Messi Wins
Lionel Andrés Messi wins at the General Court of the European Union (EGC) and succeeds in getting his trademark M.E.S.S.I registered. Filed in 2011 a third party owning an older trademark „MASSI““ had objected against the registration. The „soccer player’s fame counteracts the visual and phonetic similarities“. Read more


CH KILGER wins 2017 legal awards from LAWYER MONTHLY as Patent Law Firm of the Year in Germany.



Compulsory licenses are really very rare! The German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has now upheld the decision by the German Federal Patent Court (BPatG) granting Merck a license to Shionogi’s patent EP 1 422 218 B1 covering the HIV drug “Isentress”, as sold by Merck. Read more


The “Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung” was the first to report that the President of the Federal Republic of Germany has agreed to suspend the Presidential signature required for formal ratification of the UPC Agreement until the German Federal Constitutional Court has reached a decision concerning the ongoing expedited proceedings relating to the implemenation of the UPC (2 BVR 739/17). Read more


A team of our firm CH KILGER is presently visiting clients and colleagues in Asia, making a business trip through Japan, Korea and China. The excellent relationships with our Asian colleagues are further enhanced while discussing legal issues in Europe and Asia. Our Latin America office is present with one partner attorney, Dott. Maria Marazzi.