About the firm

    CH KILGER is a law firm with offices in Berlin, Munich and Buenos Aires.

    An International Approach

    The patent attorneys are highly specialized and strategic in their approach. With its head office in Berlin, branch offices in Munich and Buenos Aires CH KILGER offers a truly international approach providing a global IP service to its clients. The Munich office serves also for the preparation of the frequent oral proceedings CH KILGER takes part in. In Buenos Aires CH KILGER coordinates its Latin America services.

    A Wingspan of Expertise

    CH KILGER provides IP services ranging from trademark and patent prosecution, patent infringement and litigation, due diligence work, freedom-to-operate analyses, to opinion work and IP-sales/licensing transactions. CH KILGER can assist you in all technical areas such as the chemical, electrical, nanotechnology, food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical or the engineering fields.

    Strong scientific backgrounds, as well as years of legal experience working with the European Patent Office, the Latin American patent offices, top-tier international law firms and in-house counsel, mean the CH KILGER lawyers understand their technical, business, and legal goals. Our interdisciplinary approach leads to best possible synergies for our clients.

    Our Clients and Colleagues 

    CH KILGER represents an international clientele of inventors as well as investors working with the most recent high-tech technologies. The clients range from multinational pharmaceutical corporations to start ups in various fields such as nanotechnology, microfluidics, polymer chemistry and biotechnology. Clients and colleagues have praised the firm for its exquisite work.